New Maiden Flight Clothing Design for Karito Kids and a Giveaway Update

Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl DollsR

Hi all!

We thought that we would give a little preview of a new design we have created for Karito Kids.  It was inspired by a new summer sundress that Nanci's daughter bought recently.  Your doll is ready for anything in this -- it's perfect for an walk on the beach in the evening or for wearing to an afternoon wedding reception or even shopping for more clothes.  Doesn't Pita look fabulous in this?  She was just dying to model it.  This ensemble will be in our etsy shoppe this coming mid-week. 


This will be a five-piece ensemble that includes the Sundress and Cropped Jacket (shown above)-- A separate, lace-trimmed underskirt, shoes, and a necklace (to be shown when completed).  We are still choosing the shoes we will offer in the listing and working on a lovely little necklace that will bring the entire ensemble together.

Just a quick side note.

If you have already joined our give aways by becoming a Follower of our blog and leaving a comment, you might be interested to check our sidebar. . . only 10 more Followers and we will draw from our Followers & give away a Maiden Flight Logo tee shirt for your choice of size (Karito Kid or American Girl doll).  So if you are in a hurry to win, help us spread the news about our MFC giveaway on your blogs and Facebook.

If you haven't entered our giveaway yet, the details are here.  Join in the Fun. . .Become a Follower now. . . and WIN!

See ya next Flight,

        and the Flight Crew  ;o) 


beast'sbelle said...

I LOVE this outfit!!! It is so beautiful, feminine and flattering! Hmmm, I think my Pita doll just might need this dress. ;)

So exciting to see you're getting more followers! :D

Nanci said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Belle! This has really been a fun ensemble to create.

We only need 9 more Followers before, I draw a name for the Logo Tee! I hope we get them soon because I am just READY to give something away!! ;o)

beachbabydoll1 said...

I love this outfit too! Wish I could wear it! I'm praying that the Lord guides you in your business and thanking Him for your creativity. Sylvia

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