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  Hola a todos,

     The most exciting news...Pita's older brother, Miguel has called and asked her to come to visit him in Madrid.  It's been two years since they have been together.  That's when Miguel graduated from the University and moved to Spain to take a position with a high-end shopping gallery in Madrid. . . El Jardín de Serrano.  When he phoned to invite Pita, he promised her a personally conducted tour of the gallery that is located in two restored 19th century palaces in the heart of Salamanca's shopping district.  Both Miguel and Pita love fashion and that seems to strengthen the already close bond between them.

Anyway, Pita has been in a whirlwind of planning and packing.  She keeps walking around the studio here and whispering in a weird, sort of dreamy voice, "Primavera en Madrid con mi hermano."  (Translation:  Spring in Madrid with my brother.)  

She even asked Nanci to design a new outfit to wear when she goes to tour the gallery.  She wanted something that was stylish, and yet casual and comfortable.  So, I thought you might like to see some pics of the design.  I really love it, and I've been hinting to Nanci that she should make me a similar ensemble.

Well, Nanci says that we've got work to do, so I'd better fly!

Catch ya next flight. . .

          and the rest of the Flight Crew

"Primavera en Madrid" will be available for sell on
Sunday evening, April 19, 2015 
at  here.

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