Debut of Maiden Flight Clothing's BBF Collection

Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl Dolls
JUST ADDED TO OUR SHOPPE:  The first of our Best Friends Forever (BFF) line of matching, boutique- styled clothing for girls and their dolls.
We believe that BFF is the perfect name for our new line of boutique-quality, matching outfits for young girls and their American Girl dolls. Many of us who had gotten our first AG doll when we were young have never outgrown our love for them.
The doll skirts will fit both 18" soft-body dolls or Bitty babies.   Skirts for Karito Kid dolls are available upon request.
Be sure to check out these trendy, flirty skirts .  What a wonderful Christmas gifts! 
See you next flight. . .
  and the Flight Crew
Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl Dolls
Hi all!
We have been busy here on the flight deck preparing some new threads for the Karito Kids and American Girls in our life.  Nanci has re-opened her shoppe and Pita's planning to return home to sunny Mexico for the upcoming holidays. She's definitely driving us all a little bonkers by running around hugging us and singing "Feliz Navidad".  She's planning on spending time on the beach and requested that Nanci design her a new swimsuit for the trip.  She insisted that it had to be a "head-turner", a little bit "flirty" and something that hasn't been seen in doll swimwear yet.  So here's a look at Nanci's results.  What d'ya think?

Click pic to take you our shop

After, Nanci came back from some time off from the shop.  She added the last offering, (the 4th of 4 in the limited edition -- in this particular fabric) of her bow-front shoulderbag to the shop.  She added a pair of shoes to match from the Liberty Jane Pattern.  They are such cute matching set, and they were snatched up in no-time-at-all.

The person who bought the purse & shoes, liked the skirt ensemble so well that she e-mailed us to see if she could also buy the top and skirt.

We will soon be adding the necklace and Marisol cap to the shop. . .probably within the coming week.

So you can see, it's rather been a whirlwind around here lately. 

Have a great weekend and
   We'll see you next flight,

              . . .and the Flight Crew

P.S     Be watching our shoppe as we add the first items of our Best Friends Forever Collection.  BFF will be matching separates for girls and their dolls.  We are really excited about this new line, and you will be seeing these in our shoppe in time for the holidays, as well. 

Cropped Jacket Pattern for Karito Kids Just Released

Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl Dolls
Here's the latest Liberty Jane Clothing pattern that has been customized by Maiden Flight Clothing to fit 21" Karito Kids.

This pattern looks great in a variety of fabrics and looks great paired with dressy or casual fashions.
 It's a great piece to add to your doll's wardrobe.  Here are three of the looks Nanci fashioned.
Get your pattern here.  You can download this great pattern and make it TODAY!  And remember to email us a pic of your finished California Cami .  We would love to showcase in our Fashion Photo Gallery.


Summer Jeans

Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl Dolls

Hi again,

We're back again with some pics of the summer jeans for Karito Kids that we will soon list in our Etsy Shoppe.  We haven't made ones for American Girl dolls yet.  When we get those finished, we'll post pictures of them as well.

Okay, Here's a
closer look at them. . .

There's a little purple heart embroidered directly above the side pocket, but I forgot to take a picutre of it.  Super cute!

While we're at it, the flight crew thought that I should show you a pic of the jeans paired with a trendy little cascading vest.
What d'ya think?  Like it?

If we get enough interest in it, I can make a tutorial on how you make it.  Let me know if you're interested, all you'll need to do is round up an old thin t-shirt, and I can show you the rest.  This is sooooo easy.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that it's a NO-SEW project?

See ya next flight. . .

             and the Flight Crew

In the Making at Maiden Flight Clothing

Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl Dolls
Hi All!

Well, the weather is warming up, and that is getting us excited about warm weather fashions for our flight crew.  The big gripe around here from Pita and me is the total lack of proper-fitting summer shoes and sandals available for Karito Kids. We are getting a little tired of the AG dolls getting all the cute shoes and being able to buy them right off the rack to fit, while Pita and I try to fit our foot in the same shoe that is toooo wide and toooo short.  We told Nanci that if she didn't do something about this problem, we might just have to stop modeling for her.

So sandals became Nanci's first priority and here are her results.  What do you think?  Like them?  What colors would you like to see?  She plans on selling these in the Etsy shoppe.  We girls were pleased with the fit and the stylishness of them.  Here's a couple pics of the finished product. 

The second thing, we felt we needed for summer was some lightwieight skinny jeans in some trendy new colors. And the 18" crowd echoed our suggestion. You got a little peek at them in the pics above?  Would you like to see a complete picture of them?  If so, let's hear a little chatter in the comments section.

Be watching for the new Karito Kids pattern that Maiden Flight Clothing will be releasing in conjunction with Liberty Jane Patterns.  We're not telling you which one it is. . .that's a surprise!   But it's for sure that you are gonna love it!  Any quesses?

Last of all, be sure to follow Nanci on Pinterest.  She's been pinning some tute's there for making some cool stuff for your doll.

Well, Nanci says that we've got work to do, so I'd better fly!

Catch ya next flight. . .

          and the rest of the Flight Crew

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