Maiden Flight Clothing - Logo Tee Give-Away

Maiden Flight Clothing -- High Quality Handmade Items for
Karito Kids and American Girl Dolls

Sorry, All Entrant Slots for this Give-Away are now filled.
Give-Away For Tee Shirt with MFC Logo has Closed 07/24/11
Be watching for the drawing and  winner

to be announced here soon!
Hi all,

I'm one of those people that have a hard time waiting for something special that I know is going to happen.  So, the Flight Crew and I got our heads together and decided that the "early birds" who have Join(ed) This Site and left a comment for the Maiden Flight Jeans giveaway shouldn't have to wait so long for something special to happen.

We decided that while everyone waits for the slowpokes to get on board, the "early birds" should have some special fun.  (Only 0 more need to Join This Site and leave a comment), then we will draw one of those names and give that person a Maiden Flight Clothing Tee-shirt like the one in this picture.

So that means that the first fifty entrants have not 1, but 2 chances to win.  A chance to win a Tee when 50 people have Join(ed) This Site and a chance to win a pair of Jeans when 100 people have joined this site-- Double the FUN!!!!!

We only need 0 (REVISED 07/24/11)  more entrants before we can draw for the Tee.

Click here for the details of the give away.  Enter & win!

See ya next flight. . .

           & the Flight Crew

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beast'sbelle said...

How fun!! Hope you get more followers soon! :)

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