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Why did we choose the name "Maiden Flight for our clothing.  Well, the reason is really two fold.  First, "maiden" represents the American girl and "flight"  represents the concept of soaring high, girls trying their wings as they endeavor to experience new things & achieve greater heights.  It's all those things that are encompassed in "growing up"!  Pleasant Rowland, founder of American Girl Doll, encouraged young girls to strive to achieve their hopes and dreams. Second, on a personal level it is our own Maiden Flight, as we endeavor to realize our own dream of developing and selling fashionable and well-constructed designs for American Girl Dolls.

A catalyst in that dream is that we have recently entered into a agreement with Liberty Jane Clothing that permits us to sell fashions we have made from Liberty Jane Clothing Patterns.  We believe that LJC's standard of providing quality, handmade fashion from quality materials, with an emphasis on details echoed our own particular attention to those areas.  So we are proud to be a Liberty Jane Premium Partner. Some of what you will see here will be fashions from the wonderful patterns designed by Cinnamon Miles, founder of LJC, and others will be a mixture of her designs coupled with our own Maiden Flight Clothing designs.

So you can see why we are very anxious to begin our flight, and we hope that you will grab our button on the sidebar as well as become a Maiden Flight follower so you can keep up with all the exciting things that are happening around here.  Oh yeah, and don't forget to pass the word about us.

Thanks & see you next flight!   ;)

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Emmie's Edition said...

I love your business plans & standards! It's very nice to know that their is a doll clothes maker with these ideas in mind when creating her garments! I'm very excited to see your business "soar"!
Rachel Noel, Emmie's Edition

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