First Maiden Flight Item on Etsy

Woohoo!!!  Big excitement brewing around here as we get ready to put our first Maiden Flight item in our etsy  shop (Brambleberry Cottage Gift Shoppe).  So what are we going to list???  A great pair of blue jeans made from the Liberty Jane Pattern.  It should be on etsy by this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest.

In celebration of this momentous occassion (I always wanted to say that heehee), we are going to include a black tee, embellished with our Maiden Flight Logo,as a free gift  to the lucky buyer of this pair of jeans.

Take note of our signature back pocket.  Here's a shot of the jeans and tee paired together.  What d'ya think?

Okay, see you next flight!!

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Emmie's Edition said...

Gorgeous! I've been "eyeing" these for a while in the shop! Very nice denim it looks like you use! Love the neat back pocket design! These jeans are totally loaded with detail! You never know, my dolls might just end up with a pair;)

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