Latest Karito Kid Outfit by Maiden Flight Clothing -- Winter Ice

We added this outfit to our Etsy Shop this evening.  It has wonderfully soft mini-wale corduroy jeans; they are the palest ice-blue (nearly white).  We added little blue sparklies to give some added interest to the long-sleeved white Tee. The whole ensemble is pulled together with a striped tank in shades of blue & tan.

This outfit is already sold.  Congrats to the shopper who managed to get there first..  If you missed out on it, sign up for our newsletter.  I often like to give our subscribers a little advance notice of the Maiden Flight Items going into our Etsy Shop. 

See ya next flight. . .

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Emmie's Edition said...

It's rather funny that this gorgeous set took flight from your Etsy shop before you could even post on your blog about it! It's a great set, & I know it's owner(s), the nice ladies' over at the doll wardrobe, are very happy with this set!
Rachel Noel, Emmie's Edition

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